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IP address is called Internet Protocol and you will get this IP address in the website and internet devices like router or modem. With IP address, it is not possible to locate one address. Actually behind the website address, and unique IP address works. That IP address is called public IP address. Mainly the public IP address has nothing of headache. Many people think of Private IP address which is setup inside of the router and modem. Private IP address are also unique but those have some limitations. But the limitation continues based on the rules. There are some common IP addresses which are used in modem and router. Usually IP address is very special IP address. There are different types of IP address are available but has chosen by some manufacturers. This IP address is usually setup on the D-Link, Netgear and Linksys router. You may find some modems to use this IP address. There is no way to keep the router bank or without the IP address. is a default IP address in router D-Link, Netgear and Linksys. Those are easy to change from the router control section. That is why, it is necessary to use The IP address, username and password. You need to use the default IP address on the browser. Now hit the enter button and use username and password and login. However, find out the IP section where IP address has been setup as default. Now change the IP address last one digit or two digits. You can use any number from 0 to 255. Now save the IP address. The default IP address is setup by the Manufacture and manufacturer also gives opportunities to change the IP address. If you do not know the changing the IP address method, then you may face problem. Usually, the IP address changing method is used when you have faced IP confliction error.
IP confliction does not let you use internet freely. That is why, you are forced to change the default IP address. If your all of the devices are using the IP, then you need to make those IP address unique. You can use the default IP in a single device. You cannot use same IP address in all of the devices in the same network. If you try to use same IP address in the same network, then you cannot use internet. There is no any other solution for curing the IP confliction. You need to login router with the default login detail. You need to the default IP address, username and password. Usually, the default username and password are “admin” but you should check in the router manual or any separate sheet in the router or You may get information from behind the router to be confirm about username and password. Now you should log in the router and find out the location of the IP address Now you need to change it according to the IP class.

There are many classes of IP address and the IP address is in Class C. So, when you change the IP address for making different, then you should change the digit from last of the IP address. You can use any number from 0 to 255 instead of X from Now save the IP address and make it confirm. I think, you have solved the IP confliction problem. You can read manual for getting proper instruction of changing IP address and solution of the IP confliction or other troubleshooting. The default IP address and other default IP address on different routers have no serious difference. But as some devices used IP address as default, then you have to use it. You cannot setup any IP address as default.
By the Ping IP address, you can know more about the connectivity and this is why you need the default IP address for D-Link, Netgear and Linksys routers. From the start menu click on the “Run” menu. On the run box type “CMD” and click on the Ok button. Now command prompt will run. On the command prompt window type the “ping” and hit on Enter key from keyword. Now result will appear and from the result it is easy to know about connection statues. If you get “Unreached” message, then the computer is not getting connection with router via the IP address If you get result “Timed out …” then the problem has created from the internet connection. If you get message “Reply from …” it means connections are ok. You need to use the Ping command in the next step.
Every router come with the router reset button. You can use that button for resetting all settings and making every settings default. If your device default IP address is not responding, then you can reset and 100% possibility to reset everything and fixed the problem but if you want to keep the setting as you setup, then you need to follow the step. You should ping the IP address from the CMD by “ping” and then you will get result if you get message “reply from …” then the device is working properly. If you get error message, then you have to go to “Local Area Connection” from computer and then go to Properties. Now select the area “Internet Protocol Version 4” and click on “Properties” from the protocol. Select “Use the following IP address section” and put the IP address “” or you can use different IP address based on the IP class and click on Subnet mask area and let it fill up auto. The default getaway will remain same IP address “”. Choose DNS server area from your ISP and click ok. Now close the Window. If the problem is still continuing, then you have to reset the reset button. Now log in the router control panel using the IP address and other user log in detail.
You already know that you can log in router with the IP address and login detail. After log in you should setup security of the Wi-Fi, router and setup internet connection. Now your device is ready to work. You can login the router by the anytime. That is why, you should keep the IP address, username and password in note. Now you should know all of the device before setup the IP address or change the setting. You should read the manual before doing anything. However, you can change the default all of the settings.